Probiotics for Men

What are the “best” probiotics for men? 

 In our blog post The Importance of Men’s Gut Healthwe learn that a gut is not just a gut. Although men and women have similar GI systems, there are unique differences between their gut microbiomes. Preliminary research shows that men have several male-specific health conditions that link to gut health. These include heart disease, prostate cancer, sexual health issues, and sleep disturbances. 

So, what is a man to do if he wants to get his gut healthy? For many, a go-to move is firing up the internet search engine to see what solutions are out there. In this era of online shopping, anything is seemingly one click away from your possession. However, the tricky part is choosing the best product out of the countless options and advertisements. How do you know what is true versus what is targeted marketing?  probiotics for men

When searching topics such as “men’s gut health” and “probiotics for men,” a slew of ads and recommendations appear. Many claim they have a probiotic that is made specifically for men. Despite men having unique conditions connected to their gut microbiome, this does not mean there is a probiotic tailored to men only. Currently, there is no data to support claims that a specific probiotic can benefit men’s gut health and not women’s gut health. 

High-quality probiotics are the answer! 

Instead, men should always look for a high-quality probiotic that can help improve their overall health, including their digestive health. And this advice is for everyone! Women, children, and all human beings need to be aware of potential marketing gimmicks when searching for supplements to improve their health. Therefore, it is imperative to research any probiotic before purchasing it. probiotics for men

Third-party testing is key. 

Probiotic manufacturing is not highly regulated. Consequently, companies can make misleading claims like the “Men’s Probiotic” example. Additionally, a non-reputable probiotic may have lower CFUs (Colony Forming Units) than it claims to have on its label. So, how do you know if a probiotic supplement is legit? 

Trusted probiotics, like Flourish, have third-party testing completed on every batch. Quality assurance is extremely important to us here at Entegro Health. We third-party test every single batch of Flourish Original and Flourish Junior not once but twice! Testing occurs at the mid-production stage and at the final bottling stage. Furthermore, our tests run through an independent lab that verifies the absence of pathogens and guarantees a minimum threshold of the beneficial bacteria. probiotics for men

Beware of marketing gimmicks! 

Now, let’s return to the original question at hand. What are the best probiotics for men? The scientific evidence supporting probiotic supplementation for improving male health and male-specific conditions continues to grow. However, none of these studies use a “special men’s blend” of probiotics. For men, the probiotics that aid in overall health are not any different than probiotics for women. So, the next time you see a formula labeled for men, know that it is purely marketing. 

It is fair to note that these marketed probiotics can still benefit your health if they have quality probiotic attributes. Nevertheless, remember to be aware of these marketing ploys so that you don’t overpay for a product claiming to be unique when it is not. probiotics for men

The content in this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

Written by Kelsy Armstrong, Entegro Health

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