why probiotics

How probiotics can help

Probiotics are live bacteria that, when consumed, can confer health benefits the host, that's you! While our bodies are designed to have good and bad bacteria, the gut must have a balanced ecosystem to allow for optimal health. We know that the wrong bacteria in the wrong place can cause problems. But the right bacteria in the right place can trigger vast health benefits.

Research suggests that probiotics may:

Immune System Icon
Strengthen immune system
Brain Health Icon
Support brain health
Oral health icon
Benefit oral health
Digestion Icon
Improve food digestion
Healthy skin icon
Promote healthy skin
Healthy weight icon
Support Healthy Weight
Inflamation icon
Support healthy inflammatory response
Bowel regularity icon
Promote bowel regularity
Bloating and gas icon
Relieve bloating from gas
Bone health icon
Support bone health

History of fermentation

Beneficial bacteria have been a major part of some cultures since the beginning of time. Ancient cultures have used the mysterious process of fermentation for food preservation and for medicinal purposes. Ancient healers recommended fermented foods and drinks as a medicine for all kinds of illnesses. In fact, Hippocrates declared more than 2000 years ago that “all disease begins in the gut” and “bad digestion is the root of all evil.”

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"We believe good gut health is the foundation for overall health. My kids LOVE Flourish and ask for it daily as a 'treat!' We’re BIG fans over here!"

– Brady

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What's inside makes Flourish unique

Our all-natural living probiotics are fermented in consortia to allow for a diverse symbiosis, reliability and effectiveness.