Leaky Gut


Leaky Gut. This is a common phrase around the gut health realm. It’s used as an umbrella term to cover a common idea about the integrity of the intestines as a barrier to the outside world.  First, let’s talk about the structure of intestines. The human intestines are designed to serve as a barrier between…

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Consistency is Key

Consistency is key

Consistency is KEY. (We say this a lot.) The main job of probiotics is to support a healthy balance of bacteria in your body. Your gut is filled with millions of native bacteria. Some have harmful tendencies and some produce needed byproducts that the body uses to modulate many different pathways.   The potentially harmful bacteria…

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Who can benefit from probiotics?


According to the American Journal of Gastroenterology, gut issues like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea account for over 100 million US outpatient care visits every year. That means 100 million trips to the doctor’s office. Not included in the study are the gut health issues handled by integrative or complementary medicine or other specialists such as…

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The Importance of Men’s Gut Health 

Mens gut health

It’s time… Time to feature men’s health in the conversation about gut health.   A gut is a gut, right? As it turns out, men’s and women’s guts work differently. Studies have shown that the exact same diet eaten by men and women affected the gut microbiome differently. This is largely due to the difference…

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Women as Bacterial Hosts


Yep. It’s true. Men and women are distinctly different from one another and studies are continuing to find that these differences affect the gut as well. Most science suggests the reason for these differences is due to the different hormones at play.   The female reproductive system is incredible: a reoccurring cycle that requires detailed regulation…

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chronic inflammation

What is the role of inflammation? Like a check engine light, inflammation is there to be an alarm. It lets you know something is wrong. Unlike your late-90s car dashboard lighting up, we shouldn’t ignore it. We need to look into the root cause of why the alarm is going off so we can make changes…

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Lyme Disease

Lyme disease beware

Lyme Disease x Gut Health Lyme Disease is caused by the corkscrew-shaped bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. The bacterium is introduced to a human host through the bite of an infected tick, most often deer ticks. These little critters are common in the Northeast and Midwest. However, Lyme Disease can be found throughout the US.   The…

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Sufficient Sleep & Gut Health

sleeping woman

Sufficient Sleep is Important. We all know that sufficient sleep is important. But when seasons of life get busy, it’s often the first thing to go.  Sleep is critical to the health of the human body. During sleep, the body is able to perform countless processes from tissue recovery to neural processing. Both physical and…

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Probiotics & Medication

flourish probiotics and medication

At Entegro Health HQ, we are often asked the question: Can I take Flourish while on medications or other supplements?  The answer (most of the time) is: YES! A healthy human gut microbiome is filled with a diverse array of bacteria from many different families. Humans have been consuming fermented foods for thousands of years. We…

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Fermentation Station

fermented foods smoked meats

Let’s talk about the wondrous world of fermentation. Fermentation has been a part of human life and in almost every culture around the world since the beginning of time. So, why has it been around for so long and why is it not exactly commonplace in our culture today?   Fermented Foods Defined  Fermented foods…

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