Importance of gut health

The Importance of Gut Health

Our gut is the primary connection to the outside world, and the human body is designed to have a balanced gut bacteria population.

80% of the immune system is located in our gut

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Good bacteria help us resist disease

Unfortunately, the standard American diet, high in processed foods and artificial preservatives, hinders the growth of good, health promoting gut bacteria. The good bacteria in Flourish probiotics may help restore and replenish the natural balance of good microbes in our gut.

Things that may affect the gut:

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A diet high in processed foods
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Antibiotic Use
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Drinking chlorinated water
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Ceserean Birth

"I’m loving Flourish! I can tell it has helped my gut and my overall well-being."

– Pam

How probiotics can help

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that help balance the bacteria in your gut.

How probiotics can help