Why Liquid Probiotics?

Five Reasons to Love the Flexibility of Liquid Probiotics, and One Reason Not 

One of the great things about Flourish probiotic is the all-natural liquid nature of the supplement. But why is liquid best?

Here are five great reasons to love the liquid nature of our beloved Flourish, and to help us understand the reason we keep our probiotics in their natural liquid state.  

  1. The bacteria grow up together and help each other out, just like good neighbors should. Metabolites created by bacteria A may be used by bacteria B, which may benefit bacteria C. These microscopic friends create an acidic environment that allows the group to stay alive and thrive all the way to your door step, into your gut, and down to your lower GI tract where they can do their best work! Learn more about The Flourish Way in part one and two on our blog!
  2. It’s easy to adjust your daily dosage as preferred, or add in a second dose in whatever amount you may need, whenever you need it! Need a little swig after a heavy lunch to aid in digestion? Here at Entegro Health HQ, we love a good probiotic shot after lunch in our handy Dosing Glass. Looking to spice things up with a mixed drink? Try a shot of one part apple cider vinegar and one part Flourish Original or Flourish Junior to up that stomach acid. Maybe we should say, we challenge you to try it!
  3. It’s easy to add to a smoothie or shake. For those of us who don’t like taking pills, adding a dose to your morning smoothie is a great option. 
  4. It’s easy to give to children. No need to break a pill or carefully pull apart a capsule. Simply pour your child’s Flourish dose into their drink, or if they are up for it, they can take it straight too! We just LOVE that everyone in the family can share a bottle of Flourish! Flourish spoon
  5. It’s easy to find the amount your body needs. Every microbiome is unique and what works for others may be different than what works for you. Some of our customers find it helpful to start with a lower dose to give their body time to adjust and then increase slowly. If you struggle with constipation, you may get best results by taking a full dose in the morning and another before bed to keep things moving. We’ve had customers with a troubled GI find it helpful to begin with a large amount, like several Tablespoons a few times a day and then decrease the daily dosage to maintain a good gut balance. It is truly dependent on what works best for you and your body. With the liquid nature of Flourish, you have the built-in ability to adjust as needed. 

However, there are some drawbacks to a liquid probiotic: 

  1. It’s difficult to ship. Thankfully we’ve got it figured it out and love getting Flourish into your hands. Order yours today! (Want FREE shipping? Learn more here.)


Written by Lorilyn Van Dyke & Lynn Haak