Consistency is Key

Consistency is KEY. (We say this a lot.)

The main job of probiotics is to support a healthy balance of bacteria in your body. Your gut is filled with millions of native bacteria. Some have harmful tendencies and some produce needed byproducts that the body uses to modulate many different pathways.  

gut bacteria

The potentially harmful bacteria take up space in the gut and consume non-digestible fibers, amino acids, and other products that make it to the colon. The byproducts they produce contribute to the success of their own kind, but are toxic and detrimental to the intestinal environment. They are a major source of the body’s inflammation regulation and can even damage the intestines enough to spill over into the bloodstream. They are often called opportunistic, because they will take any opportunity that comes up, that may not be normally available, to further their own kind.  

What are native bacteria?

Native bacteria are the bacteria that are an established part of your unique microbiome. The microbiome does fluctuate based on lifestyle choices including diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and environmental factors, but generally stays the same. The natives are busy at work producing needed vitamins, amino acids, and other immune modulating byproducts. Native microbiomes contain both beneficial and opportunistic bacteria. Keeping the scales tipped toward the beneficial bacteria is critical for gut health. 

Probiotics are transient in nature and can pass on some of their beneficial byproducts on the way through. They help keep the pH of the colon lowered, something potentially harmful bacteria do not thrive in. Not only that, but they help keep harmful bacteria in check by competing for food and real estate in the colon.

Consistent introduction of good bacteria to the body for the win!

Flourish probiotic is produced by letting the bacteria lead the way. This self-regulating blend allows the bacteria to thrive in the acidic environment they like best because they’ve made it that way. Each bottle of this supportive and synergic bacteria is prepped and ready to swing by your gut, any time! 

Flourish living probiotics 

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Written by Lorilyn Van Dyke