Partner in Probiotics

Do you remember the first time you heard the word probiotics? Yeah, neither do I! But you would soon find out that probiotics are microorganisms that are beneficial for your gut and overall health and you’ve now added those friendly little bugs to your routine. You may have even started with a quick Google search for best probiotics. You likely got several results from your search, but you may not have gotten the results you hoped for from your probiotic.

Enter Flourish.

Do you remember the first time someone shared with you about Flourish and all of its amazing benefits and unique qualities? We have heard countless testimonials from happy customers about how Flourish has improved their lives. We take pride in the products we offer and hearing these stories makes us thankful that we can bring the hope of good health to people every day.

Flourish living probiotics partner with usIn fact, Entegro Health began to grow by simply sharing those success stories by word of mouth. Our mission is to get Flourish into as many households as possible in order to help support people to thrive in good health and life. In 2016, we began partnering with individuals to spread optimal health across America, and our Consultantship program was born.

We have seen many lives impacted over the years and we want to partner and grow with you on your unique journey. By partnering with us, you have an opportunity to diversify your income to earn extra monthly cash and many opportunities to earn free items. Together, we can positively impact the lives of your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and circle of influence.

The best part is, you get your own personalized, co-branded Entegro Health website and Consultant Portal with all the resources you need to grow your business. That means more organization for your business and less time spent on the mundane things. You get to spend your time expanding your circle of influence and enriching the lives of others. You can use the time you have to cultivate relationships and take care of people, instead of packing boxes and creating shipping labels. hello living probiotics partner with us


We ship directly to your customers and don’t require you to have any inventory on hand. That’s a major win! Plus, you receive Preferred Pricing on all of your personal purchases, even if it’s just one item. There are no minimum sales requirements and no penalties. You will also have an opportunity to earn commission, build your team, and earn free product and business building items. We keep things simple and easy to understand… and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

While some tend to use “Dr. Google”, many of us trust our loved ones even more with the answers to our health questions. Human connections are so important, especially during this unprecedented time our nation is facing. There is no better time to start an at-home, online based, low-cost business that promotes good health! Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity!


Written by Kelly Kamerman, Entegro Health