The brewing process of Flourish (Original and Junior) creates an environment that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria. Bacterial growth is influenced by several key factors including time, temperature, and food source.   

Each small batch of Flourish is mixed manually and patiently waited upon. During the growth phase, the bacteria produce a preferred environment.  Brewed with love

Time – From start to finish, the process of brewing each batch takes about two weeks. 

Temperature – The happy bugs are tucked into a warm Goldilocks environment – not too hot and not too cold.  

Food source – Flourish Original is brewed with non-GMO organic molasses while Flourish Junior is brewed with locally sourced non-GMO sweet Sorghum.


The bacteria in Flourish have been hand-selected. 

Synergic ProbioticDiverse – Eleven strains from five genera provide a broad and diverse ecosystem to support your native microbiome. 

Synergic – The bacteria live and grow together. Several of the strains were chosen primarily because they are good neighbors and encourage bacteria to be better together than they are apart.  

Beneficial – Each of the strains chosen have been found to benefit the human microbiome. 


Choosing to keep our probiotic blend alive and in its self-regulated environment is intentional. This form of probiotic allows for the bacteria to continue to grow even after bottling, and retains all the metabolites produced throughout the growth process. The bacteria’s naturally produced pH levels are similar to that of a normal stomach.1  freshly bottled flourish probiotics


Over the next few weeks, we will highlight the bacteria and get to know the happy characters that make up your bottle of Flourish! Stay tuned.




Written by Lorilyn Van Dyke, Entegro Health