Who can benefit from probiotics?


According to the American Journal of Gastroenterology, gut issues like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea account for over 100 million US outpatient care visits every year. That means 100 million trips to the doctor’s office. Not included in the study are the gut health issues handled by integrative or complementary medicine or other specialists such as gastroenterologists. It also doesn’t account for the substantial number of Americans who do not seek help for their GI symptoms. Of those who were included in the study of over 71,000 Americans, nearly 2 out of 3 individuals are burdened by GI symptoms on a regular basis. Of the people who report having symptoms, nearly 60% regularly report having two or more symptoms at the same time.

Can you relate?

Young women

Young women aged 18 – 34 experience significantly higher amounts of digestive upset and irregularity compared to the rest of the population. These are childbearing years with large hormonal changes, likely the instigator of these difficulties and likely affecting quality of life on a regular basis.

And while the digestive health market is expected to reach $5.7 billion by 2024, the reactive measure of antacids holds the market share at 31%. 40% of consumers report that they are willing to try foods/drinks that will benefit their digestive health. This suggests that people are ready to do something about these gut issues, whether they visit the doctor for it or not.

People are ready to make changes that will help their GI symptoms.

Research suggests that probiotics may confer a whole slew of benefits to their host when consumed in sufficient amounts.


Take a look around you. Two out of three people you see are likely experiencing GI symptoms but may not talk about it. The opportunity to help those in need is right within your circle of friends and family. People you know and love.

There are many ways you can share the benefits of Flourish probiotics with others.

You can simply share your success story. There are also educational resources found on entegrohealth.com (pay special attention to our blog!) that you can share with those around you who may benefit. Let people know they can benefit from the unique qualities of our live, liquid probiotic.

Flourish Junior

You can even share your story while earning preferred pricing on the product you purchase, as well as earning commission on the products purchased by those who want to benefit their gut health, too. Learn more about partnering with Entegro Health to make a difference in the lives of people across America.

And for that rare 1 of 3 not experiencing GI discomfort? Well, it’s never too early to be proactive about your gut health. That goes to show that 3 out of 3 Americans can benefit from the support of Flourish living probiotics.

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Written by Lorilyn Van Dyke