Home Ferment Ketchup – Try it!

Kids and ketchup.

They just go together – at least they did at my house when my girls used to be picky eaters. Don’t like that steak? Give this magic red sauce a try. Green beans are a no today? Get out the special sauce. 

flourish ferment ketchupI wish I would have known about this fermented version a long time ago. It would have saved years of high sugar/corn syrup ketchup and replaced it with beneficial probiotics!

Simply use Flourish Original as a starter, but whey from yogurt or brine from another ferment will work too. Brine from the majority of commercial sauerkrauts will not work due to pasteurization. I chose to use Flourish Original because it provides a diverse variety of probiotics, and I know it is very much alive. Flourish Junior also works very well in this recipe and provides a sweeet tang. 

It’s always great to get kids involved in the kitchen... so much science and life learning! Having your kids help with this recipe also makes the flavor transition from traditional ketchup to this home version go a little smoother. They can take some pride in the work they’ve put in, and are more likely to give it an honest try. 

This recipe is easy and flexible enough that it’s not a problem to swap out spices that your family prefers, or that are available in your pantry. 



18 oz tomato paste 

¼ C flourish (Original or Junior) OR whey or brine from another ferment home ferment ketchup ingredients flourish

3 Tbsp raw apple cider vinegar 

1 – 2 Tbsp honey or maple syrup 

1 tsp kosher or sea salt 

1 tsp garlic powder 

½ tsp mustard powder 

¼ tsp ground allspice 

Optional: ¼ tsp fish sauce or a few shakes of tabasco sauce

honey ferment ketchup


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir. 
  2. Move the ketchup into a quart jar and loosely place the lid on top. 
  3. Place the jar in a dark, cool location for 3 – 4 days. Once it has reached the desired ferment, place in the fridge and use to your hearts content! 
  4. This will keep in the fridge for a few monthsif it lasts that long.  


Written by Lorilyn Van Dyke, entegro Health