Hydration Motivation

Pouring water

The human body uses water for many processes to maintain homeostasis. It is also used in the body’s efforts to regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients, maintain electrolyte balance, and keep organs working correctly.  As we’ve learned before, one of the primary roles of the lining of the gut is to transport nutrients from the gut…

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Clever Ways to REUSE your glass Flourish bottles

reuse flourish bottle

Do you enjoy your Flourish probiotics in our amber glass bottle? Reuse that bottle around the house as an added bonus! Simply remove the label and get rid of the sticky residue with a few drops of lemon oil and get ready to reuse these bottles in functional ways around the house!  Cleaner Spray Bottle…

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10 High Fiber Foods

oatmeal with raspberries and almonds high fiber food

Let’s talk about some common nutrient-dense (and tasty!) high fiber foods you can include in your daily diet. The recommended fiber intake for men is a minimum of 38 grams a day, while women should shoot for at least 25 grams daily. The average American only gets around 10 – 15 grams of fiber a…

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All About Fiber

Tonya Huenink

Live & Learn – All About Fiber with Tonya Huenink, RD  In this excerpt of our interview series, Live & Learn, we talk with Registered Dietician Tonya Huenink, creator and owner of Meal Squeeze – the family meal planning service.  She talks about gut health, fiber, and simple ways to support our friendly bacteria with the…

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Simple Gut-Friendly Habits For 2021

simple gut-friendly habits

Small changes add up to big differences. 2021. It’s the long-awaited new year with big expectations. Let’s look forward to the new year by making simple changes that help you and your millions of bacterial friends. Before making even small changes, it’s important to be aware of a few things.  Recognize Choices –   The thing…

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Preventative + Promotional Health

women eating healthy foods

Prevention and awareness go hand in hand. How do you know how to prevent wildfires if you’re not aware it is a problem in the first place? What are the associated risk factors of a wildfire? What signs and conditions promote a forest fire?  Thanks to Smokey Bear, we know the basics of wildfire safety. He’s…

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Get the Most out of Your Gut Health!

gut health colorful diet

Nothing worth having comes easy and everything about your health is complex. Is that the saying? When we’re talking about overall health and gut health, we’re referring to complex systems that are intertwined. Because there are so many systems involved, there are many ways to approach your efforts to get the most out of your…

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Back to School – Back to Reality

back to school with flourish living probiotics

5 routines to implement NOW for immune support  Back to school looks a little different for everyone this year. Whether you anticipate distance learning, homeschooling, or sending kids to school with or without masks, some needs do not change: The need to take care of our family’s general health for immune support and quality learning.…

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5 Stress Management Tools

man thinking grounding

‘Stress is like spice – in the right proportion it enhances the flavor of a dish. Too little produces a bland, dull meal; too much may choke you.’ –Donald Tubesing  The fact is, stress is part of life. There are times when there is definitely too much, and right now is likely that time for…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

kids with snowman

Cold and flu season is in full swing and schools and daycares are crawling with a variety of illnesses. Snuggly kids are sweet and all, but it’s no fun to see little ones not feeling their best. Here are a 5 ways to keep your kids healthy this winter, which can help your kids avoid…

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