My family has been using flourish for a year and a half. I noticed from the very first week that... read more


A little over a year ago I began taking Fourish just to improve overall health. When I had my... read more

Glenda B.

I’ve been using flourish consistently for 15 months. Within 3 days I noticed my stomach felt different and within a... read more

Amanda F.

I have noticed such a difference while taking flourish. My digestion and bloating is way better and even my energy.... read more

Sydnie Y.

Entegro's products, flourish and flourish jr, have been game changers for my family from eczema to allergies and so much... read more

Pamela T.

I wish I knew about Flourish when I was losing so much weight after a brief bout with colitis in... read more

Dana P.

This product and company have made a world of difference in mine and my children's health. I loved Flourish... read more

Jen K.

My family and I have been on flourish since 2014 and it has been life changing!! My husband had... read more

Amy K.

This product and company have been life changing for my family. We have been loyal customers for nearly three years... read more

L H.

Less bloating and stomach discomfort, better bowel movements, increased energy! Such a unique probiotic! Thank you, Flourish!

Corey F.

Best probiotic out there! It has changed my life and my families.

Shannon M.

Flourish as helped my family in so many ways! Cleared my kids of their eczema, and gave them regularity! We... read more

Justine D.

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