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I started taking flourish 3 days before my scheduled colonoscopy. For 5 - 6 months prior, I had been dealing with pain and a lump in my lower right abdomen. I had blood tests, X-rays, and even a CT scan which gave me no answers. The results of my colonoscopy revealed that I have celiac disease and IBS. With diet changes and my continued use of flourish, I feel better than I have in a long time; no more pain or lump in my side. I also give flourish to my four children. Two of my kids have dealt with constipation and now have regular bowel movements. My 17-month-old son dealt with candida overgrowth in the form of diaper rashes and since taking flourish he no longer deals with those issues. Jerod Work took time to email me and explain how flourish works and how it could help our family. Very thankful for this product!


My dad sent me to elementary school with “Beano”, the medicine to help reduce gas and bloating. IBS had been something I have dealt with nearly my entire life. Bloating, gas, feeling the urge “to go”, and spending the afternoon or evening after dinner on the toilet, was just normal for me. My kids and husband would have conversations with me on the other side of the bathroom door. I had a colonoscopy, was tested for allergies, gluten and lactose intolerance, and was negative. Doctors said it was just IBS. Two weeks ago, after being sick with strep throat all day and spending the afternoon and evening on the toilet, I decided to buy a bottle of flourish, because I heard it improved intestinal health and boosts your immune system. I went home, took a dose, then went to bed. I woke up the next day, took another dose, and immediately felt my strep throat symptoms were gone and had no IBS symptoms after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Since that day, I take a dose in the morning mixed with grape juice, and have not had any IBS symptoms. No more wasted afternoons or evenings. No more going to a restaurant and ordering based on what I can eat. Rather, I order what I want to. Thank you entegro and flourish for giving me a healthy gut! I can finally live a life without IBS and it’s horrible symptoms.


In the past, I have not dealt with any gut issues, but decided to give flourish a try for the added health benefit. I began taking the product last summer and felt some added stamina through the hot summer days. Normally, I come down with a nasty cold late in the fall after long days of work, weather changes, and pushing my body for all it’s worth. What really sold me about flourish was the fact that I breezed through a long, hard-working fall season, and stayed healthy and strong. I highly recommend flourish for steady health and strength.


We have five small children, from age nine to one. We were constantly sick! We would catch every single little bug and cold. I felt like several of us had the flu a couple times a month. Our youngest two children especially struggled with more major illnesses. I decided to try flourish, and the results have been phenomenal. We have now been flu and bug-free for almost 5 months, and I have also successfully warded off an imminent illness several times by giving a couple extra doses of flourish, in conjunction with vitamin C and silver. My kids like to drink the probiotic with apple juice. flourish is a great, natural product that does exactly what it says - helps restore your body’s natural flora and supports your body’s ability to stay healthy. I love that we can support a local business, and I know exactly how and when the probiotic was made. Great product!


I have been struggling with stomach problems, starting in the late 1990’s. In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis. I followed doctor’s recommendations for a couple of years and went on some very expensive treatments and infusions. In 2003, I received prayer from a group of people at a weekend retreat and the Lord healed me of Crohn’s. Shortly after that, I went to Mayo Clinic and they told me that the Crohn’s was not there any more. So there was evidence of the Lord’s healing! However, I was left with a pretty bad case of Lactose Intolerance/Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was ok with that at the time because at least I knew which foods to avoid. But I was unable to eat anything with any kind of dairy in it.

In early 2015, I discovered a liquid probiotic (flourish) that would really help with digestive issues. I tried that probiotic and had great results. Almost immediately, I was able to eat things that I hadn’t been able to eat in over 15 years and there were no negative symptoms. This discovery was life changing!

For the last year and a half, I have been healthier than I have ever been! We have told many other friends about this product and many others have also had great results. If you’re struggling with gut health, I highly recommend flourish!


Our entire family is taking flourish. We used to get a couple week-long colds a year that would hit our family, but that has not been the case this past year since taking flourish! I also noticed that I have less cramping and feel way better during my menstrual cycle. Our one-year-old son used to struggle with constipation, and now he is having regular bowel movements. We feel healthier and refreshed and are so thankful for such a great product!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.