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I have been struggling with stomach problems, starting in the late 1990’s. In the year 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease/ulcerative colitis. I followed doctor’s recommendations for a couple of years and went on some very expensive treatments and infusions. In 2003, I received prayer from a group of people at a weekend retreat and the Lord healed me of Crohn’s. Shortly after that, I went to Mayo Clinic and they told me that the Crohn’s was not there any more. So there was evidence of the Lord’s healing! However, I was left with a pretty bad case of Lactose Intolerance/Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was ok with that at the time because at least I knew which foods to avoid. But I was unable to eat anything with any kind of dairy in it.

In early 2015, I discovered a liquid probiotic (flourish) that would really help with digestive issues. I tried that probiotic and had great results. Almost immediately, I was able to eat things that I hadn’t been able to eat in over 15 years and there were no negative symptoms. This discovery was life changing!

For the last year and a half, I have been healthier than I have ever been! We have told many other friends about this product and many others have also had great results. If you’re struggling with gut health, I highly recommend flourish!


Our entire family is taking flourish. We used to get a couple week-long colds a year that would hit our family, but that has not been the case this past year since taking flourish! I also noticed that I have less cramping and feel way better during my menstrual cycle. Our one-year-old son used to struggle with constipation, and now he is having regular bowel movements. We feel healthier and refreshed and are so thankful for such a great product!


My son has suffered from headaches for a year now, we have gone to doctors and natural chiropractors and have not received many answers. One said it might be connected to his gut health, so we decided to try flourish. Since then, we have noticed a decrease in his headaches! We encourage everyone to give flourish a try!


I started taking the probiotic because I was always tired and had zero energy to keep up with my two toddlers. I have noticed a significant rise in energy since starting it last fall. Another bonus: I get sick every year at least twice and the illness always lasts multiple weeks. Two years ago I was sick with a cold from January to March. This year I only got sick once and it was gone in 3 days.

As I get older (and wiser), I am understanding the role gut health plays in my life and importance of preventative care. I didn’t start taking flourish because of a significant issue that led me to seek help, but I will keep taking it because I know I’m investing in the future of my health. (I also love knowing that it’s locally made.)


Last year, my fourth child was born early & small. After taking him home, he started having problems with reflux, extremely painful gas, bloating & he was no longer passing stool on his own. After trying so many things including essential oils, chiropractor, powder probiotic & every laxative, nothing worked! Our GI Specialist seemed to have no real solutions. Our son was even tested for Hirshsprungs & Celiac Disease.

I first started taking flourish, and about 8 weeks ago started giving it to my infant son. It was AMAZING! He spit up less, was way less bloated, and within only five doses, he had a bowel movement on his own, and that had not happened in months!! He started sleeping better and laying in his crib for naps. It changed everything!! He now has a bowel movement every one to two days and that is a miracle to us! He more than likely has food sensitivities that were causing many of his problems. His colon was inflamed and was not working properly, even while on breastmilk. flourish healed his gut and we are forever customers! It literally changed our son's life and ours!! My daughter is now taking flourish too, and it has helped her constipation & reflux.


Prior to flourish, I was fatigued often and had cravings for “bad food” specifically greasy, fried food and pop. My husband was irregular and also had a lack of energy in the middle of the afternoon. Our nine-year-old son had cyclical monthly vomiting spells. Our three-year-old son suffered from constipation and dreaded going to the bathroom.

Since striving for a healthier life, our entire family is on flourish and we have definitely seen the difference! I have increased energy and sleep better. My husband also has more energy and is more regular. Our older son has not vomited since he has been on flourish. Our younger son no longer struggles having a bowel movement and was potty-trained soon after starting flourish since it wasn’t painful anymore to go to the bathroom. Transitioning our seven-month-old baby to baby food the past months has been a breeze and he has not suffered any constipation issues that we dealt with during that transition with our other kids. We have been healthier and felt better since taking flourish!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.