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I have been taking flourish since January of 2016. I had been experiencing drastic hair loss over the last couple of years and within 2 months of starting flourish I noticed a huge difference in how much I was losing and even started seeing new hair growth. I started taking it because I wanted to improve my gut health and was surprised by this added benefit. I have also noticed a decrease in my headaches as well as an increased immunity to colds and flu.


A month and a half ago, someone had mentioned that we should try flourish with our now 11 month old because we have been dealing with constipation and colic issues since he was a few weeks old.

Going back to when he was born, he become very colicky and the doctor said that could be just cause he needs to pass gas and his digestive system needed to develop. At a month old, we were told he was sensitive to my milk and we had to start soy formula. After a month on that we we were dealing with constipation and eczema. We got another doctor's opinion and he said that the soy was causing the eczema so we tried all kinds of formula for the next few months until we got luck with a gentle formula that he agreed to. Every time we would change his diet by starting solids and table food we would start all over with the constant constipation. So, finally, someone suggested that since I had a C-section, he didn’t get the initial beneficial bacteria during birth, and we should try flourish. We started it  at the end of October and it took a few weeks before our son was no longer constipated and has had regular BMs! He can even tolerate yogurt and other food that would make him more constipated but not any more! We are blessed to discover this probiotic and I am now thinking about trying it myself!


Around 2.5 years ago, I began experiencing joint pain, swelling, and inflammation. Until then I had never had any medical issues and would call myself a “healthy” person. I went to several doctors and spent thousands of dollars on medical tests and doctor visits and the only thing they were able to tell me is “you probably have a virus of some sort and it will eventually get better.” My blood-work showed inflammation in my body, but everything checked out fine. My knee and lower leg became swollen to almost twice its size.

As a home daycare provider, I am constantly on my feet and moving all day long. My initial symptoms eventually subsided but I continued to have re-occurrences of swelling, pain, and inflammation in my lower extremities. Running, walking up stairs, lifting babies, and sitting cross-legged on the floor all became difficult….next to impossible. I would have stretches of time where the pain was less, but never gone.

My daughter introduced me to flourish probiotic after seeing such good results with her own family. At first I was skeptical, and wondered how this bottle of “good bugs” could make me feel better, but I was willing to try! I began taking flourish in September of 2016 and after less than a week I woke up and thought “that’s weird, my joints don’t hurt.” Each day my symptoms seemed to improve and by October I was able to RUN for the first time in 2.5 years. I am able to go up stairs and sit cross-legged on the floor without any issues. I can now perform all of my daily activities with little to no pain and the only thing I have changed is adding 2 doses of flourish to my daily routine. I am a huge believer in this product and strongly recommend it to anyone struggling with joint pain and inflammation! I have seen a world of a difference in how I feel!


I’ve been taking a probiotic for awhile, but not until I started taking flourish has it made any difference to me. I’ve dealt with digestive issues in the past, and since I’ve been taking flourish I have not had problems. My energy is up, along with my attitude. The other probiotics I’ve taken haven’t made any difference to me in those areas. I won’t go a day without taking it!


A friend introduced me to flourish about 3-4 months ago. Up until then I had struggled severely with constipation and bloatedness for several years. I take some prescription medications that can cause irregularity and was almost always taking some kind of laxative to help this. I became immune to many of them including Miralax, Milk of Magnesia, and Senna-S. At one point, I was so constipated that my Dr. advised me to drink a bottle of Magnesium Citrate (the stuff they use to prep a patient for a colonoscopy) to clean myself out. My stomach was so distended from the bloatedness that I almost convinced my brother I was 6 months pregnant. 🙂 You already know how this ends since you’re visiting this website, so needless to say, I feel like a whole new person. I am regular and the bloatedness is rare instead of constant. My grandma and aunts have also benefited greatly in the same areas that I have from flourish!

One other annoyance that is no more for me is tonsil stones! I used to poke around in the back of my throat with a crochet hook digging out these gross little white noodle-like substances that were lodged in there. Since taking flourish they are obsolete. Overall, flourish cleaned me out. I love it!


I am a CNA. I work in a long term care facility. I am always being bombarded with germs. I also have an autoimmune condition. When I made the decision to try flourish, several of my residents were getting green mucous and a fever. I had gotten the green mucous but not the fever. After beginning to take flourish the green mucous went away. Several of my coworkers got very sick. I did not. Due to a severe allergic reaction to something I could not pin point, I stopped taking it. I ended up with a cold in just a few days. I continued use after determining that flourish was not the cause of the allergy. Another positive side effect of flourish was that I was able to consume more gluten without ill affects. I have had a sensitivity to gluten for the last 4 - 6 years. I don’t know that I will ever be able to live without this product again!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.