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I don’t mind telling you that I was more than a little skeptical about this product, because that’s just my nature. I am getting up in years and have developed all of the normal “old folks” issues, and since flourish is relatively inexpensive, I decided to order a couple bottles and give it a try. I started taking the product in the mornings, and was waiting for something “miraculous” to occur. I was getting impatient, since I hadn’t noticed any miracles yet, by day two! I am a very impatient guy. I have had several surgeries, resulting from my abuse of my body, over the years. Sports, motorcycles, and my occupation as a Home builder. I have a bad knee and have torn up both of my shoulders. I had major surgery on one shoulder, and was holding off on the surgery for my other shoulder. I had been enduring a fair amount of inflammation and constant pain, that made it difficult for me to ever get comfortable, even just sitting in a restaurant for very long. On the third day, my wife made the statement that I hadn’t complained about my shoulder all day! I stopped dead, rotated my arm a couple times, and said “well, what in the heck”…. The pain was gone! Totally! It has now been a month, and I still have no pain in that shoulder, or the one that I had fixed. My knee is not totally free of pain, but it is much better, and easy to ignore! Now, I am not foolish enough to believe that my shoulder is cured, however, the inflammation and pain are gone, after several months of misery! I am sold on flourish! I take it every morning. My wife has also seen some great results. I am in Dallas, Texas, and previous to discovering flourish, I attempted to get some relief from massage therapy. One session costs 3 times what a bottle of flourish costs. The massage helped a little, for a few hours, but I can get 3 months of relief for the same cost!! On top of the results, I have to tell y’all that it feels good to know that I am getting these results without ingesting synthetic chemical compounds! I’m sold!!!!


After starting on a calcium channel blocker, there was nothing that would produce a bowel movement. flourish has been the best find for me! I can go off of laxatives and only use flourish now to keep my body regular. I have since started my kids on flourish and we can see already less illness and quicker recovery times. Great product!


My testimony is this – I was that person that always had a hard gut. I didn’t have regular bowl movements and I was completely miserable! I was also that teacher that was sick many, many times throughout the school year. Thanks to this probiotic I feel so much better and I have a TON more energy to give to my students! This stuff does work and you will feel so much better after giving this a try!


I have been taking flourish for a couple of months. My biggest surprise was it has helped dimish my lactose intolerance and bloating issues. I would recommend flourish for a healthier gut! Also, I love the liquid form that it comes in.


I have been taking flourish since January of 2016. I had been experiencing drastic hair loss over the last couple of years and within 2 months of starting flourish I noticed a huge difference in how much I was losing and even started seeing new hair growth. I started taking it because I wanted to improve my gut health and was surprised by this added benefit. I have also noticed a decrease in my headaches as well as an increased immunity to colds and flu.


A month and a half ago, someone had mentioned that we should try flourish with our now 11 month old because we have been dealing with constipation and colic issues since he was a few weeks old.

Going back to when he was born, he become very colicky and the doctor said that could be just cause he needs to pass gas and his digestive system needed to develop. At a month old, we were told he was sensitive to my milk and we had to start soy formula. After a month on that we we were dealing with constipation and eczema. We got another doctor's opinion and he said that the soy was causing the eczema so we tried all kinds of formula for the next few months until we got luck with a gentle formula that he agreed to. Every time we would change his diet by starting solids and table food we would start all over with the constant constipation. So, finally, someone suggested that since I had a C-section, he didn’t get the initial beneficial bacteria during birth, and we should try flourish. We started it  at the end of October and it took a few weeks before our son was no longer constipated and has had regular BMs! He can even tolerate yogurt and other food that would make him more constipated but not any more! We are blessed to discover this probiotic and I am now thinking about trying it myself!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.