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My 7 year old daughter was seen by her physician for severe constipation. They prescribed a Miralax cleanse. I have not heard the best things about Miralax, so I contacted entegro to see if we should try flourish instead. We discussed a dosage for her and it worked great! Never again will we use Miralax! She takes her flourish every day and we have not had any trouble since! Thank you entegro!!
My 10 year old son has been having issues with his hands since he was 6 years old. The doctor first told me that it was very common in boys and he would outgrow it - but it got to be so bad that his fingers would crack open and bleed. I ended up taking him to the dermatologist and they treated him for Dyshidrotic hand dermatitis and gave him a steroid shot at the end of October 2018 and gave us multiple creams to put on his hands. The steroid shot did help but by December they were bad again - so we went back and he received another steroid shot but much stronger and once again the affect was very short-lived. By mid-February, they were once again peeling and bleeding. I did not want him to get another steroid shot so we kept using the creams. In February, he also started to get a few spots on his tummy that looked like small blisters - I sent a picture of them to a nurse friend and she suggested we try flourish, which I had already been taking for digestive issues. So once I convinced him that the taste would not kill him - he has been taking it daily and the spots on his tummy have now turned into scabs but more importantly his hands have been looking great!!! I never thought that flourish would be helping his hands - his hands haven't looked this good in over 4 years. They are a little dry yet but NOTHING like they were. He is able to carry 5 gallon buckets without having to wear gloves and he is able to play football without his fingers splitting open. Taking flourish was the best decision for him. Thank you!
I have tried several different probiotics over the past few years but they made me feel nauseous and I did not feel like they were working. I stumbled upon a friends social media page and saw that they were raving about flourish and I just had to give it a try. I have been taking flourish for a few weeks now and I've started to notice my energy levels increasing and I have been more regular. I have suffered with achy bones and joints for a few years and my pain has decreased. I am feeling better now than ever. I will never take another probiotic again! flourish changed my life!
I feel so much healthier since I started taking flourish! I noticed immediate changes after only about 2 days and I started off with just a teaspoon per day before working my way up to a Tablespoon per day after about a week. I have been taking it a few weeks now and I cannot believe how much more energy I have. I have also noticed that I eat less and I do not crash and get dizzy spells like I used to if I skipped a meal. I do not get cravings for carbs and sugars all the time anymore, and I know that it's helping my energy level as well. I am so glad I started taking flourish because it has really made a positive impact on my body!
My daughter has gotten painful dry scaly patches on her skin every winter or when it is very hot and dry. Her pediatrician didn’t know what it was and prescribed her topical steroids. It helped, but she said it hurt when I put it on and she would always want to wipe it off. I heard about flourish and ordered some for the family. Not even a week in, I could see the difference in my daughter’s dry patches. She even had instant relief from the itchiness and pain. It has been a month now and the patches are just about gone. I take it everyday as well, and I feel more energized! Thank you for this wonderful product!!
I’ve been taking flourish for only 3 weeks and I am singing it’s praises to all my friends. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 15 years ago. I’ve only been medicated once (after a trip to Africa). I’ve been able to live a healthy life with clean healthy eating and supplements. I’ve been taking a great probiotic for years now but when I heard about flourish, I thought I’d try it out. We went to Vietnam in February and when we got back I was dealing with major gas and what I was chalking up to travelers diarrhea. What complicated things a little is I found out I was pregnant just 2 days before our trip so some of the things I would have done to help I knew I couldn’t do while pregnant (colon cleanse; fasting, etc). I could not get rid of either gas or diarrhea and the gas was super painful. This went on for two months. It took only one dose of flourish and the painful gas was gone. After less than a week, my “traveler's diarrhea” was gone as well. I’m definitely a fan and will continuing to take it. Thank you for creating this amazing product💞.

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