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My 5 year old daughter struggled with VERY hard stools for years. She would typically go 5-9 days between bowel movements and when she'd go there were lots of tears. We tried OTC medications, prunes, you name it.. nothing seemed to help. I had heard a few things about flourish and decided to give it a try. From day one, there has been a drastic change! My daughter is now having bowel movements every day and it is no longer hard AT ALL!! This stuff is seriously amazing!!! I highly recommend trying it!
Ever since having my son and having surgery in July, I have struggled with constipation. I have been taking flourish for the last week and this is the best my bowels have felt in a long time! Thank you for introducing flourish to me! 
We’ve been taking flourish for about a month and half now and I cannot believe the changes that have been happening with my kids! They have been more motivated than they were 2 months ago and are looking healthy! My daughter was born with eczema so we have to constantly change her diaper because if we go without changing her diaper for more than 15 minutes, she will be very red and inflamed. Since we’ve been using this probiotic, I haven’t seen any rashes in TWO WHOLE MONTHS!!! Thank you flourish! You make this mama HAPPY!!
I tried my first bottle of flourish probiotics and I am in love! I've seen minimal yeast die off and I am excited about the improvement in my digestion. I highly recommend this product!
My 13 year old son shows signs of ADD and has for awhile. We don't have a diagnosis because his grades are okay and he doesn't struggle severely at school. We prefer holistic treatments and don't want to put him on prescription meds until we have to. I have heard that probiotics can help with brain fog and focus, so I have tried several with him to no avail. I ordered flourish from a trusted friend and have not told my son I am adding it to his morning protein smoothie. Within a month, HE said he noticed he was doing better on his classwork and his grades have gone up and he has no idea why. I knew after everything we have tried that if I told him I was putting a probiotic in his smoothie, he would be looking for it to fail. We are so pleased! (also, it is the best allergy season we have had in our house!)
Incorporating flourish into my daily routine has truly made a difference in how I feel on a daily basis! To begin, I had a knee injury a long time ago and every time I would go to the gym it would hurt me to the point where I had to cut my workout short. However, ever since I started using flourish, my knee feels great and I can complete 4 miles on the treadmill on the highest incline with no problem. In addition to that, this winter I avoided cold and flu season, which is amazing for me and my busy lifestyle. Lastly, no bloating! So ladies, get yourself some flourish! P.S. If you're worried about the increased bowel movements when you first start taking flourish, don't! I eased myself into it with 1 Tbsp of flourish every other day for about a week and then switched to daily and never experienced any negative side effects.

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