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I have celiac disease (gluten intolerance), and my stomach was a mess this past spring. My sister sent me a bottle of flourish and a month later I couldn’t believe how much better I was feeling. I didn’t have to run to the bathroom every chance I got! It has also killed my sugar cravings so much I almost never crave sweets anymore, and I couldn’t be more satisfied and I’m love with this product! I want everyone to experience the amazing benefits of how flourish can help them!! Thank you, flourish, for increasing my quality of life!!


Before flourish I was taking two probiotic pills, laxatives, stool softeners, and peppermint capsules twice a day. I had irregularity and horrible stomach pains. After switching to flourish I now have more regularity and all stomach pain is gone! I don’t feel as full and bloated anymore!


I don’t mind telling you that I was more than a little skeptical about this product, because that’s just my nature. I am getting up in years and have developed all of the normal “old folks” issues, and since flourish is relatively inexpensive, I decided to order a couple bottles and give it a try. I started taking the product in the mornings, and was waiting for something “miraculous” to occur. I was getting impatient, since I hadn’t noticed any miracles yet, by day two! I am a very impatient guy. I have had several surgeries, resulting from my abuse of my body, over the years. Sports, motorcycles, and my occupation as a Home builder. I have a bad knee and have torn up both of my shoulders. I had major surgery on one shoulder, and was holding off on the surgery for my other shoulder. I had been enduring a fair amount of inflammation and constant pain, that made it difficult for me to ever get comfortable, even just sitting in a restaurant for very long. On the third day, my wife made the statement that I hadn’t complained about my shoulder all day! I stopped dead, rotated my arm a couple times, and said “well, what in the heck”…. The pain was gone! Totally! It has now been a month, and I still have no pain in that shoulder, or the one that I had fixed. My knee is not totally free of pain, but it is much better, and easy to ignore! Now, I am not foolish enough to believe that my shoulder is cured, however, the inflammation and pain are gone, after several months of misery! I am sold on flourish! I take it every morning. My wife has also seen some great results. I am in Dallas, Texas, and previous to discovering flourish, I attempted to get some relief from massage therapy. One session costs 3 times what a bottle of flourish costs. The massage helped a little, for a few hours, but I can get 3 months of relief for the same cost!! On top of the results, I have to tell y’all that it feels good to know that I am getting these results without ingesting synthetic chemical compounds! I’m sold!!!!


After starting on a calcium channel blocker, there was nothing that would produce a bowel movement. flourish has been the best find for me! I can go off of laxatives and only use flourish now to keep my body regular. I have since started my kids on flourish and we can see already less illness and quicker recovery times. Great product!


My testimony is this – I was that person that always had a hard gut. I didn’t have regular bowl movements and I was completely miserable! I was also that teacher that was sick many, many times throughout the school year. Thanks to this probiotic I feel so much better and I have a TON more energy to give to my students! This stuff does work and you will feel so much better after giving this a try!


I have been taking flourish for a couple of months. My biggest surprise was it has helped dimish my lactose intolerance and bloating issues. I would recommend flourish for a healthier gut! Also, I love the liquid form that it comes in.

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