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My 2 young toddlers, my husband, and I have been taking flourish since November and not one of us got sick even ONCE the entire winter!! Toddlers especially are hard to keep healthy in the winter because of everything they touch while playing outside the home, but we didn't even have so much as a runny nose in our household the entire winter! I feel like that's a miracle thanks to taking flourish consistently every day!
I love flourish! I have noticed a huge improvement in my digestion and the way I feel after eating. I also give this to my 2 year old in her smoothies, and have noticed improvement in her as well. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.
The main reason I ordered flourish was for my 9 month old son. He was diagnosed with a milk protein intolerence when he was 2 weeks old and could not even handle hidden dairy (even if I ate it - he is exclusively breastfed). We wanted to try reintroducing dairy so he didn't develop a permanent allergy to it and we knew he would need some help. Thanks to flourish probiotics, he can handle it all! Most of his symptoms had gone away with age but he would still have congestion and gas when he had dairy. Since taking flourish, he has no symptoms at all! Not to mention he absolutely loves the flavor. He gets so excited when he sees the bottle! My husband and I also love them and will be keeping a bottle in our fridge at all times. Thank you!
I spent a signifant amount of time researching the best probiotics on the market. entegro's unique approach to bottling (liquid versus freeze dried capsule) really stood out. This different approach showed me that they take extra care to craft a quality product. Compared to other well crafted probiotics, flourish’s price point is excellent. Both my wife and I suffer from sensitive stomachs. We have found a decrease in the sensitivity which has allowed us to operate in more confidence and freedom. Our son, who is taking flourish Junior, experiences episodes of stinky gas and we have seen a decrease in those. I am happy with this product and the positive results my family has experienced.
As a small child, I had a lot of ear infections and, consequently, a lot of antibiotics. I also had a lifetime of gut issues and poor health. Unfortunately, I was almost 40 by the time I learned of the connection. I've spent the past two years working to rebuild my gut. I had all of the symptoms of leaky gut and had been using a product that was intended to repair that. I was making slow, but steady, progress. A few weeks ago, I started using flourish and I can't believe the difference it has made!! I started with 1/4 Tablespoon per day and am now up to 1/2 Tbsp per day. I feel amazing and I can't believe the amount of energy I have! I have not taken any of my previous product in over two weeks and I feel better than ever. I am shocked it has done so much in such a short period of time! It has also made my autoimmune diseases much easier to manage. I am able to eat a variety of foods without any ill effects, including the occasional processed food (99% of my diet is whole foods prepared from scratch). I am so thankful to have found this amazing product!
I have battled not being regular for years now and have tried numerous different things. I finally decided to try flourish and it has helped me so much. It has made me go from maybe going once a week to almost every day! This really helps and I would recommend to anyone!

We are a collaboration of talents, including: a biochemist, a microbiologist, an international business entrepreneur/marketer, and a doctor of pharmacy, as well as experienced business owners/builders, investors, and business coaches.