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A new mother's guide to gut health

formulated with 100% organic non-GMO sugarcane molasses

formulated with non-GMO sweet Sorghum


Why gut health matters

The gastrointestinal system or gut is vital for overall functional health. It is the first line of defense as 80% of the immune system resides in our gut. Unfortunately, gut issues not only affect that organ, but your entire body.

How probiotics help

Probiotics are beneficial, live microorganisms that can confer health benefits onto the host.

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What's Inside Makes Us Unique

What's inside makes us unique

Our all-natural living probiotics are fermented in consortia to allow for a diverse symbiosis, reliability and effectiveness.

  • Less bloating and stomach discomfort, better bowel movements, increased energy! Such a unique probiotic! Thank you, Flourish! - Corey F.

  • Best probiotic out there! It has changed my life and my families. - Shannon M.

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  • After having IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for years, I am constantly amazed at the normal bowel movements I have since beginning Flourish in December. The bloated feelings I had are now gone. - Bev D.

  • I feel so much better taking flourish! thanks for such an amazing product! I've got my stepdad on it now too! - Christina G.

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  • Flourish worked great on knee inflammation & bowels - Donna S.

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  • positive review  I take the recommended dose everyday of the Flourish. - Kendra J.

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  • positive review  Flourish has been a game changer in our family's health. It provides more than just a probiotic. Its a prebiotic, mineral supplement and fermented food supplement in one. I love this product so much I cannot stop talking about it! - Jen O.

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